ANGFA - Scalp D Saw Palmetto Green Juice


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Saw Palmetto Aojiru from Scalp D provides the necessary ingredients from inside the body for the care of hair volume. Contains 340 mg of "Saw Palmetto Extract Powder" as a volume care ingredient. In addition, a double combination of "young barley leaf" and "lactic acid bacteria" fully supports the lack of vegetables. Taste of refreshing sweetness. It is easy to dissolve in water and does not become powdery, so you can continue to drink it daily without stress. [Display of nutritional ingredients per 1 packet (3.5g)] Energy 12kcal, protein 0.8g, fat 0.21g, carbohydrate 2.28g (dietary fiber 1.13g), salt equivalent 0.008g. Take 1 sachet per day as a guide. Mix with 100 ml of water or milk and enjoy. Adjust the amount according to your preferences. Mix well and drink as soon as possible.

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