ANGFA - Scalp D Supplement Gold 5α-R


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Saw palmetto oil tablets for hair volume. The Saw Palmetto is one of the palm trees that has been used by Native Americans since ancient times. In order to achieve high purity, we have implemented a special manufacturing method, supercritical extraction (CO₂). Blend of catechin and turmeric extracts 567mg (270mg as EGOG). A green tea extract containing epigallocatechin guard (EGOG), which is recognized as a health ingredient around the world, is included! Contains turmeric extract, which is used for beauty and health. Among them, 60 mg of curcumin, considered important, is included! [Essential Scalp Ingredients D] Contains "Cycloeucarenone" found in banana peel extract. Also contains bayberry bark from the bayberry family is a dried combination "Yobaihi extract". Content: 240 tablets (for about 30 days)

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