LULULUN - Masks set One Night Rescue 9 pieces


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Bleu is a mask infused with a serum that prepares your skin for the next day. Dipped in 5 kinds of ingredients derived from rice and vitamins, it gently removes dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin.

Rouge, it is a facial mask infused with nano collagen, nano ceramide and micro hyaluronic acid that helps to maintain and lock in the hydration of the skin. It softens rough surfaces while the rich beautifying ingredients penetrate the stratum corneum to promote flawless skin.

Green is a sheet mask infused with wine extract, hydrolyzed elastin and coenzyme Q10 that promotes soft skin. An intense anti-aging * treatment. Obtain a skin of uplifting suppleness. * Care adapted to mature skin


特徴 Set