LULULUN - Clear&Moist Lotions


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

These lotions focus on the tight junction inside the skin, which is the key to its water content. By strengthening it, they allow cells to adhere to each other, the barrier function can be improved and provides strong skin that is resistant to dryness and external stimuli.

Clear: is a moisturizing lotion that balances the skin and keeps it hydrated. It is a lotion created because we believe that it is important not only to give water but also to create a base to help keep this hydration. Plays on the "Rhythmic Peptide" which regulates the cutaneous rhythm and leads to healthy skin, "Lemon Myrtle Extract" which regulates acne and shine due to excessive secretion of sebum, balances sebum and leads to a bare skin smooths and balances native bacteria on the skin surface. Contains 3 kinds of skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients, such as "amino acid derivative moisturizer" which leads to smooth, transparent and beautiful skin. It also contains "peony flower extract", which acts like vitamin D, improving the barrier function of the skin!

Moist: is a highly hydrating lotion that melts into the skin repairs dry skin. In addition to the ingredients common with the Clear type, "peony flower extract" which strengthens the barrier function of the skin, "rhythmic peptide" which repairs skin affected by disturbances in the rhythm of life, and about double the Moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid, it contains two highly hydrating ingredients, "ripijua" and "janohige root extract", which is derived from the roots of mustard that would be able to resist drought.

In addition to the face, they can also be used for body care such as the décolleté, neck, back, elbows and knees!


重量 500ml

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