Curél - Moisture Bath Milk


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

A bath milk (similar to bath salt) with “Ceramide Care”, it keeps “skin hydrated and high in density” healthy. The moisturizing ingredients (functional ingredient ceramide, eucalyptus extract) penetrate deep into the swollen stratum corneum in the bath. Hydrates dry skin and prevents dryness after bathing. It enhances the effect of the bath and is also effective for rough skin and rashes (combination of rice germ oil). 1. Open the lid, 2. Press the bottle to fill the cap up to the arrow line on the cap. (About 30 ml) 3. Put it in the bath water (180-200 L), stir it, then take a bath. 4. After use, close the lid properly and do not wash the measuring cap with water. If water is mixed in the bottle, the ingredients in the bottle may separate.


重量 420ml

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