LULULUN - Shodoshima Premium Olive


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

A micro-oil rich serum mask that combines Shodoshima olive leaf extract with high potential for beautiful skin and honey! Olive leaves contain a lot of polyphenols and have been used for health and beauty since ancient times, such as making herbal teas. Bitterness and astringency of olive tea leaves, oleuropein is a type of polyphenol and a source of strong vitality. Contains Wasanbon derivative (derived from sugar) from Kagawa Prefecture, containing honey that is extracted during the process of making Sanuki Wasanbon sugar in Baikodo of Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture. It contains a lot of minerals and organic ingredients derived from bamboo canes and helps regulate the moisture content and texture of the skin. Contains an extract derived from sake lees obtained by brewing Kinokuniya Bunzaemon, a famous sake from Nakano. Sake lees, synonymous with "eat drip", are rich in amino acids and vitamin B2, giving your skin a hydrating and luminous glow.