LULULUN - Weekly Face Mask Sunny Day x5


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

A sunflower mask! Swiss Sunflower Sprout Extract penetrates dull skin due to dryness and provides hydration and elasticity, bringing skin glowing with tone! Features Yukinoshita, named after her because she doesn't die even under snow, is a perennial flower that grows in shade and in the mountains. It has been used for health and beauty since ancient times, preparing the texture of the skin and providing shiny skin. Also contains an oil soluble vitamin C derivative and has a high penetrating power. Gives the skin firmness, radiance and hydration. In addition, a rich blend of naturally sourced firming and glowing ingredients have been added such as lily extract which has the effect of preventing rough skin and hydrolyzed yeast extract which improves elasticity of skin. the skin

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