LULULUN - "ONE" 5 masks


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

A beauty mask that provides a feeling of hydration and freshness. With this unique piece, you can experience the feeling of your changed skin as if you have had a full beauty treatment. Uses a polyphenol which is a type of "gallic acid" stabilized with special technology, mainly contained in tea and beech leaves. It is also said to be the secret to the natural healing power that attempts to restore the tree damaged by bees! Mung Bean Cell Culture Extract is a mung bean extract, known as a raw material for sprouts and vermicelli, which is resistant to environmental stress. By focusing on the vacuoles responsible for the freshness of the plants, we extracted them from cultured stem cells, which gives firmness to the skin and brings a feeling of freshness. Also uses a nanoform of sulforaphane contained in the shoots of cruciferous watercress (pepper root) grown in Switzerland which penetrates into the stratum corneum. A component that focuses on the aging of the pigment, lipofuscin and suppresses the production of melanin. Beauty Oil Concentrated to Micro Size is similar in composition to human sebum and is well suited for your skin. By gently relaxing the skin, the beauty ingredients penetrate the stratum corneum and achieve a deep and lasting treatment.