CANMAKE TOKYO - Layered Look Mascara


Brand New Japanese Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Layered color for stylish eyes! Mascara with 2 graduated shades.

This two-tone mascara allows you to replicate the look of colored eyelash extensions. Create gradations of shades from root to tip or alternate shades for blended colors. Two carefully chosen stylish colors that you can use every day!

Base color

A brown shade that looks great. Unlike dark brown, this is a soft, slightly shiny shade without going overboard. It also contains waxes and resins with superb holding power!

Shade color

Pastel tint. Add it to the base color. While it looks shiny on the brush, the color blends in and becomes more matte once you apply it, allowing you to add subtle undertones!

Data sheet

Color Brown
Weight 6g

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