Curél - Whitening Moisture Essence


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

For sensitive and dry skin that wants to avoid spots and freckles. Highly osmotic formulation. The whitening active ingredient of plant origin (Chamomile ET) spreads on the skin and dissolves slowly when absorbed. You can effectively prevent spots and freckles by using it in areas of concern. The moisturizing ingredient (eucalyptus extract) penetrates deep into the deep part of the stratum corneum. It keeps your skin smooth and hydrated, less sensitive to external stimuli. It melts into the skin and stays hydrated. It is a soft and comfortable product to use. We advise you to use it after one of our 3 different lotions. Without perfume, without coloring, without alcohol (without added ethyl alcohol).

Data sheet

Properties Whitening
Weight 30g

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