CANMAKE TOKYO – Glow Fleur Highlighter


Brand New Japanese Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Translucency & hold worthy of a cream blush!

It is a powder, but it is not powdery! An extraordinary texture that clings to your skin, gives you a look without porosity! Diffusing light, it gently masks texture irregularities due to pores, for a translucent glow! Long lasting, contains powder absorbing sebum (silica).

Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents and plant and fruit extracts (moisturizing agents) your skin will love such as ectoin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, rosemary leaf extract, pomegranate flower extract, blossom oil. Damask rose, rosehip oil, Rosa multiflora fruit extract.

Free from mineral oils, petroleum based surfactants, fragrance and alcohol free.

Data sheet

Weight 6.3g

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