LULULUN - Okinawa Premium Shikuwasa 45 pieces


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

5 sachets of 7 masks

Contains the beauty secrets of Okinawa. Cure your travel fatigue with hibiscus! Fermented Lactobacillus / Hibiscus Flower Extract made by fermenting hibiscus grown under lots of Okinawan sun with vegetable lactic acid bacteria. It is full of nutrients and contains vitamins and citric acid which help tone your skin and prevent rough skin during times of strong UV light. Refresh your skin with the refreshing scent of Shikuwasa! A sweet and sour shikuwasa that is delicious to drink and eat. This is said to be one of the secrets to longevity in Okinawa, and its fruits are rich in vitamins and nobiletin, which are pleasant to the skin. A beauty ingredient that brings firmness and translucency to your skin!

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