LULULUN - Okinawa Premium Acerola 45 pieces


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

5 sachets of 7 masks

Acerola, a super bright red fruit like the sun. This fruit is so powerful that it resists tropical sun! Women in the town of Motobu in Okinawa who grow this acerola are on average 6 years older than those in Tokyo. Rich in vitamin C, β-carotene, vitamin E and anthocyanins, it gives the skin a feeling of translucency. A luxurious blend of bitter melon extract grown in sunny Kumejima, Okinawa. Vitamin C, which protects your skin from UV rays, and the bitter, anti-oxidant ingredient are the beauty secrets of Okinawa, bitter melon, not only eaten, but you can also taste it from your skin with this mask !

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