ANGFA - Scalp D Next Organic


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Organic shampoo and conditioner for men. The organic products offered by Scalp D Next contain 90% natural ingredients and with a focus on male scalp disorders. The shampoo is a thick foam that gently cleanses the scalp and hair damaged by daily aggressions. It is important to gently treat the damaged scalp without knowing it. 30 natural ingredients including 5 types of certified organic ingredients that have received ECOCERT certification from the largest international organic certification body in the world. It maintains hydration and removes dandruff and itching while healing the scalp and excess oil prone to problems. An original design that matches your scalp type. Gentle floral fragrance created for men who are particularly sensitive to fragrance! Pear and lily of the valley scent that makes you feel clean and peaceful. The conditioner contains moisturizing ingredients such as Yuzu Fruit Extract and Majorana Leaf Extract which penetrate into the scalp after washing and moisturize from inside your skin, keeping the scalp soft and hydrated. Combination of maple water and moisturizing ingredients. Intensive treatment on the cuticles linked to the shine on the hair surface. Prepare cuticles that are disturbed by ultraviolet rays, perms and coloring.

No sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oils or synthetic dyes are used.


重量 350ml



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