KOSE - Je l’aime - Fantasist Concentrate Mist Silky & Straight

¥3,390 税を含める

Brand New Japanese Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Smooth and silky. Concentrate Mist is a new type of hair spray that combines the ease of a spray with the effects of an emulsion, luxuriously formulated with micro-beauty ingredients. Concentrate Mist is a fine, hydrating mist that penetrates deep into the hair, instantly coating and hydrating even the most damaged hair.

The Fantasist products are 10 in 1. They take care of your color, moisturize, repair, protect against daily aggressions, shine, preserve cracks and breakage, protect against the heat of your devices, are anti-static, cover your cuticles and perfume your hair.

Je l'aime hair products are sulfate-free, silicone-free, pH neutral, colorant and alcohol-free and contain no animal ingredients. They are very gentle on your hair. Their sweet flowery scents are made from 100% natural elements.


重量 250ml



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