CELL METHOD - Enrich Repair Cream


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Cell Method Enrich Moist Cream is a concentrated cosmetic cream of "pure" human stem cell culture, born from regenerative medicine and the beauty sciences, for deeply repaired skin! Nanocapsule processing technology, which increases the rate of absorption of components of human origin, delivers stem cells to the skin, which concentrate where they are needed. Growth factors such as "EGF" and "FGF" are generously dosed (about 25 times more than conventional products). In addition, by mixing hyaluronic acid which supports firmness, we favor a comfortable texture. Safe and Secure MADE IN JAPAN! Product that meets the strict quality standards of domestic factories, as our cosmetic skin products are used daily by our valued customers.

Alcohol Free / Paraben Free / Fragrance Free / Mineral Oil Free / Petroleum Based Surfactant Free

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