ANGFA beauté - Moist Shampoing & Conditioner


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Moisturizing scalp shampoo and conditioner for women. Silicone-free products formulated with a newly developed amino acid-based cleaning ingredient to provide cleanability and finish. Flexibility and finish for your roots as well as high hydration with the conditioner. Contains soy serum, cucumber extract and collagen, a moisturizing ingredient suitable for the scalp and hair environment. Moisturizes hair and scalp and gives shine. In addition, it has a strong elasticity component and a damage repair component for voluminous and invigorated hair. With the combination of active ingredients, it addresses women's scalp disorders and conditions such as dandruff, itching, odor and sebum. In addition, 12 types of natural plant-based scalp care ingredients are included. Pleasant and relaxing rose fragrance based on essential oil.


重量 350ml



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