CANMAKE TOKYO - Perfect Multi Eyes 01


CANMAKE TOKYO - Perfect Multi Eyes 01

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Color : 01 - Rose Chocolat

All you need for perfect eye make-up♥

Also ideal for eyebrow make-up and eyeliner.

Glitter-free matte eyeshadow palettes.


The ultimate natural look, as though your eyes were always this big♥

● A glitter-free matte finish that imitates the texture of your skin. Melts into your skin, expressing natural nuances of shade.

● These palettes features five shadows in the same tone of brown, with varying degrees of brightness, making it simple to achieve a beautiful color gradation.

● Ideal for school, work, and those who prefer their make-up to look natural!

Although the effect isn't showy, these shadows create a crisp, neat look.

● They melt subtly into your skin, enhancing its beauty.

Stick to shadows in the same tone for flawless eye make-up♥

● No need to worry about clashing make-up!!! These palettes feature shadows in the same tone, so we recommend them not only as eyeshadows, but also for your eyebrow make-up and eyeliner as well♥ It's simple to achieve well-balanced make-up♪ Each palette contains shadows recommended for specific areas.

● Handy 3-in-1 function, so your make-up pouch won't be feel bulky♥

● Of course, you can use all of them as eyeshadows♥

Kind to your skin - make-up that conditions as you wear it♥

Contains 5 types of beautifying ingredients (moisturizing)

Jojoba seed oil, grapeseed oil, chamomile flower extract, horse chestnut seed extract, plant-derived squalane


Description: The cutest brand in Japan! CANMAKE Tokyo products already successfully celebrated their 30th birthday. Join the kawaii community!

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