List of products by brand KOSÉ

Skin care & Hair care

KOSÉ is a Japanese cosmetic brand at the forefront of innovation since 1946.
For more than 60 years, it has been committed to quality, research and strategic development.

Popular in Japan, KOSÉ develops high-performance product lines based on ingredients related to traditional Japanese cuisine and the importance of water in Japanese culture.

Rice, soy and water from the baths are important assets of Kosé care.
More than 200 researchers are investigating for Kosé the anti-aging effects of Japanese cuisine and its foods.
KOSÉ has ​​extensive experience in holistic care research based on traditional Japanese cooking remedies and their well-being on the body.
KOSÉ has ​​developed many products from ingredients related to traditional Japanese cuisine and plants. The trend will be followed throughout Asia.

The secret of Kosé Cell Radiance products lies in a sophisticated 90-day bio-fermentation process that turns rice into an anti-aging complex.

RICE POWER EXTRACT N11, patented ingredient Kosé perfectly combines dozens of amino acids, peptides and carbohydrates that are impossible to create naturally.

A unique and patented process, the RICE POWER EXTRACT N11 is integrated into the care in a very high concentration. This advanced moisturizing complex from rice, contains the perfect balance of natural anti-aging ingredients and stimulates the production of ceramides in the skin. Brings all water needs and protects the skin from water loss.

The 3 ranges of KOSE Cell Radiance skincare and cleansing treatments have been studied to bring your skin, hydration and radiance by respecting the Japanese skincare ritual and by bringing the technology extracted from rice and soy.