ANNADONNA - JewelGel Coloration


Brand New Japan Import / Japanese Cosmetics

Semi permanent coloring for hair.

The dye penetrates the hair surface quickly and firmly, so that it tints vividly, you can enjoy vivid hair color for 2-4 weeks. Even overly bleached and damaged hair can be dyed without weighing it down, leaving it shiny and silky! Contains moisturizing gem extract

(Lycomanganese ore extract). The protective cream in the kit will prevent staining, but will apply a thicker protective cream to the hairline, forehead, around the ears, and legs, etc., to minimize contact with the scalp and skin. skin. Hairline and short hair are not recommended as the products tend to stick to the skin and can stain the scalp. There is almost no change when the dye is used on black or very dark hair. Please use clothes and towels which may be dirty. The result varies depending on the quality of the hair, the original color of the hair and the condition of the hair.

Data sheet

Color Blue
Weight 120g

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